Top Job Habits Every Cyber Security Expert Should Adopt: The Top Experts Speak

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When it comes to data security, we’re collectively in the mission of keeping information secure. However with the recent EquifaxYahoo and Disqus data breaches, the role of the cyber security expert is coming into the news. Reports emphasis the need for cyber security professionals in the field, and the lack of individuals currently to fill the job. We’re not here to criticize then, rather we want to help in every way possible to insure their role blooms. To help, we’ve reached out to top cyber security experts in the field to share their view. We asked them to share two important job habits that every cyber security expert should adopt in their workplace. Below you’ll find the responses to the question we posed:

What are two job habits every cyber security expert should adopt?

Chadd Carr is CTO and Global Lead for Innovation & Strategy at 6massive Holdings, LLP. Carr is responsible for overseeing our Cyber Security Labs. Carr has over 18 years’ experience in cyber security, intelligence, network intrusion investigations, computer forensics, and information operations.

Two job habits every cyber security expert should adopt:

  1. Practice what you preach. Often times, the most security-savvy individuals are the biggest culprits relative to failing to observe proper cyber hygiene. Whether due to elevated risk tolerance stemming from constant exposure in dealing with cyber threats, probability numbness, or simply mental fatigue, sometimes those tasked with securing our valuable data are the largest vulnerability.
  2. Remember your audience and stick to the basics. In today’s highly dynamic environment, it is easy to become over reliant on technology (behavioral analytics, smart intelligence, etc.). Safeguarding data should begin and end with people. Training is perhaps the most referenced, however, under-valued form of cyber security. Cyber security, much like life, requires collaboration.

This article was originally published at:

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