The disruptive technology being explored by the engineers at Veurr, Inc challenges the almost every aspect of modern security,
revolutionizing how home users and corporations alike perceive, interact with, and comprehend information security.

In old Norse, Veurr stands for “Protector.” As such, within the realm of information security, Veurr, Inc develops disruptive technologies designed to safeguard your personal, sensitive, and critical information. The major shortfall in modern information security solutions is that the are primarily dependent on user profiles for determining privileges, access, and attribution. Security largely ends after the login. Only by continuously verifying the user and one have accurate visibility across the network.

The Veurr5 keyboard is a disruptive technology that is revolutionizing the cyber security market. The shortfall in all modern security solutions and frameworks such as intrusion detection systems, endpoint solutions, identify control and access management strategies, and insider threat solutions is that they all end at the user profile. They, in no way, attribute an observed activity to a human user. Furthermore, today’s one-time and two-factor authentication methods are rendered useless when users share passwords or leave their authenticated terminal open. At Veurr we say that continuous, human user verification is the key. Our all-key bio-metric keyboard continuously ensures the person behind the user and the authorized user, are one and the same.


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