Find your dream job or ideal candidate over coffee! Jobobob’s intelligent algorithms remove the stress and cost from today’s job market.

Jobobob is a real time, mobile job and resume search application powered by the very users it is designed to service. For employers, Jobobob automates the pre-qualification process undertaken manually by leading recruiters and job seekers. Resumes and employment opportunities accessible through jobobob are guaranteed to be validated weekly. Job seekers only see “active” jobs they are qualified for and employers only see applicants who are qualified and actively seeking a job. No games, just jobs! Find a career or qualified candidate today! Whether you are an existing professional looking to make a change, a parent returning to the work force, or a recent graduate looking to begin their professional career, Jobobob users advanced, big data analytics, to remove the stress in discover what’s next.

The power is found in Jobobobs real-time analytical engine. Perhaps your asking salary is turning away potential employers. Or maybe you could be making more money in another industry. Why are your competitors getting interviews when you are not? How can you gain a competitive edge over the other applicants? Using current employer activities, the app tells users how to improve their resume and profile real-time.


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