Collaborate with Friends, Family, and the World, or engage your costumers like never before!

They say, “two pairs of eyes are better than one.” Well, within the Dittyverse, you can share your digital creations at anytime and from anywhere with a community of worldwide users. From story, to poems, to musical lyrics, let the world help your creation evolve and grow. Also, through featured Ditties, musicians, bands, and other artists can directly engage their fan base to create the next big hit. Imagine… music, movies, and books created by fans your fans!

Dittyverse is a social media collaboration platform that transforms your social media into mass collaborations that result in film, music, stories and poetry created by your fans. In Dittyverse your fans become members of your band, actors in your movie, poets in your epics and writers in your stories. People connect closest to the people they collaborate with.

Visit: http://www.dittyverse.com

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