Deception Technology

With the goal of being the Bloomberg of the dark market, Deception.Technology provides real-time insights into goods and services being bought, sold, and traded throughout the underground economy by a variety of threat actors such as cyber criminals (organized crime), hacktivists, state-sponsored attackers, and trusted insiders.

Deception.Technology’s Dark.Exchange software brings the underground economy into the light through big data analytics. The underground economy is subject to the same laws of supply-and-demand global economies follow. By tracking the current pricing of common goods and services being bought, sold, and traded within the dark web such as ransomware, stolen credit card numbers, passports, and birth certificates, our customers are able gain real-time insights into undiscovered data breaches.

The real-time market indexing accessible through our proprietary Dark.Exchange software enables subscribers to monitor the performance of dark commodities in order to anticipate emerging cyber attacks, evolving civil unrest, and pre-empt terrorist activities.

Visit: http://www.deception.technolgy

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